this is a test again

This is yet another test.

Asher Wolfstein

Born near the beginning of the eighties up in the rural Rocky Mountains Asher participated in the traditional independent western ranching lifestyle complete with livestock, agriculture, and meaningful practical work that helped him form the foundation of his reality-based ethics of observation, understanding, and responsible self-application. Beyond that, he was exposed at the early age of seven to the beginnings of personal interactive electronics with his TRS-80 Color Computer II 16k. At the rebirth of the video game industry via the Japanese originating Nintendo Entertainment System, he immediately fell in love with learning to operate and control this personal computer by studying the included manuals and implementing their knowledge for his unique purposes. Fascinated by the capacity for thought, philosophy, and applied technology to have far-reaching beneficial effects on the quality of life of the individual and their endeavors, Asher loves quality living, values, and people, and strives to be his personal best in everything he does. Asher’s further musings on life, his technological projects both commercial and personal (particularly with code), his interests and concerns, loves and hates, what he spelunks from his cavernous mind, what’s he’s currently into, and his surprising life of joy from painful beauty is available at his personal blog “World of Wunk“

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